Do you know what kids love to do?


It's really that simple.

Yet, often, we replace play with productivity and the real outdoors with virtual reality. But, what if we just went back to the basics? What if we skipped the over scheduling and told our kids to just go outside and be kids? I wonder what we'd find. Probably some cool tree forts. Maybe an elaborate neighborhood game of capture the flag. Definitely some dirty feet and bruised shins. Possibly more kindness. Surely more creativity.

Can't hurt to try.

We created this clothing line to celebrate all the best parts of childhood. We hope you join us on our mission to let kids be kids and raise kind humans.

Long live sticky faces, skinned-up knees, summer ball games, and fishing ponds!

-Caryn & Joann

Caryn Dodson

She's a pro photographer and mom to three little girls. She's the designer behind Idgie Stitch shirts as well as the voice for all of our social media accounts. You can find her personal Instagram page at @caryndodsonphotography or by clicking the button below.

Caryn Dodson Photography

Joann Dodson

A wife to one, mother to three and grandma to seven. She's the person behind your beautifully packaged orders and the print person for all of your shirts!